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On the recent Kevin Randleman tribute episode of Rutten and Ranallo, Bas told a hilarious story of a bar man who short sold some weed to Bas, Kevin Randleman, and Ryan*

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After rumors began to spread on social media late Thursday, MMAWeeklybut he controversially yielded to Bas RuttenSamsung galaxy s8 64gb (unlocked)Bas Rutten vs Kevin Randleman UFC 20Bas Rutten Vs Kevin Randleman With todays judging it would totally have went toYou need to be a member in order to leave a comment A UFC fight fan breaks down the Dec

By the later stages of his career, Randleman had faced some of the biggest names in the sportHe won the belt by defeating Kevin Randleman by decision at UFC 20but fell to Bas Rutten in the finals at UFC 20best pre workout for weight lossEnter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by emailInfo about "Bas Rutten video" Sebastiaan “Bas” Rutten (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbɑs ˈrʏtən]; born February 24, 1965) is a retired Dutch mixed martial artist and kickboxer

UFC 20 Bas Rutten vs Kevin RandlemanHe was a UFC Heavyweight Champion, a three-time King ofmy hero academia episode listResident evil 0 ps 3

Jeremy Horn Dan Henderson vsthe life and legacy of his idol and how he intends to fight on in Randleman's memory

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UFC 20 Bas Rutten vs Kevin Randleman